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Administrative and Warehouse Complex of Nova Poshta

Functional purpose/Project name Administrative and Warehouse Complex of Nova Poshta
Address Smt. Slobizhanske, Dniprovskyi district, Dnipropetrovsk region
Warehouse area 15,770 m²
Land plot area 8.9487 hectares
Total area of the facility 21,207.5 m²
Year of design 2020
Design stages Concept design, Project stage, Working documentation, Author’s supervision, and Commissioning
Chief Architectural Project Designer Alexander Saratov
Architects Alexander Saratov, Alexey Muras, Denis Bozhko, Ruslan Sarana, Anastasia Pluzhnikova

The project involves the placement of modern buildings for an administrative and warehouse complex—single-story structures with integrated administrative premises on three levels, as well as checkpoints, utility buildings, the arrangement of parking lots for vehicles, areas for waste collection, fire reservoirs, and a boiler room. In addition to the buildings, maneuvering and parking areas are provided for trucks, parking for freight transport and BDF containers, as well as parking spaces for individual vehicles.

The master plan includes decisions regarding the placement of the following main buildings and structures:

– Two buildings of the administrative and warehouse complex (Building A and Building B) with integrated administrative premises on three floors each;
– Utility building;
– Checkpoints with fire posts;
– Parking for individual vehicles with 22 spaces;
– Parking for freight transport with 44 spaces;
– Fire reservoirs and pump station;
– Solid fuel boiler room (pellets) with chimneys (3), silo, nore and ash pit.

  • – Local treatment facilities (oil and benzene traps) for rainwater;
    – Reservoirs for the accumulation of rainwater with a pumping station;
    – Pump station and reservoirs for drinking water;
    – Recreational areas equipped with canopies;
    – Substation (transformer substation – 2 units);
    – Diesel power stations (container type in all-weather casing);

    Maneuvering area for trailer parking (53 units).