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Administrative and Warehouse Complex of Nova Poshta (Odessa)

Functional purpose/ Project name Administrative and warehouse complex of Nova Poshta (Odessa)
Address smt Nerubayskoye Belyaevsky district Odessa region
Warehouse area 22015 m²
Land plot area 11.0415 hectares
Total area of the object 28,291 m²
Design year 2021-2023
Design stages Sketch project, Project stage, Working documentation, Author’s supervision, and Commissioning.
Chief Architect Alexey Muras
Architects Alexander Saratov, Alexey Muras, Ruslan Sarana, Anastasia Pluzhnikova, Vladislava Shevchenko, Alexander Danchenko

On a part of the territory with an area of 11.0415 hectares, the construction of buildings for administrative and warehouse purposes (general-purpose trade and distribution warehouses with integrated office spaces) is planned.

The administrative and warehouse complex of Nova Poshta includes the following main buildings and structures:

– Two buildings of the administrative and warehouse complex (Building A and Building B) with integrated administrative premises on three floors each;
– Utility building;
– Checkpoints with fire posts;
– Parking for passenger vehicles;
– Parking for freight vehicles;
– Parking for freight vehicles;
– Fire tanks with pumps;
– Solid fuel boiler room with operational pellet silos;
– Recreation areas equipped with canopies;
– Oil trap;
– Substation (complete transformer substation) and Diesel Power Station (DPS);
– Reservoirs for drinking water reserves with a pumping station.

Nova Poshta’s distribution warehouses are located near the city of Odessa and adjacent to the international highway of national importance.