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Competition project of a public center in Dnestrovsk, Republic of Moldova

Functional purpose

Competition project of a public center in Dnestrovsk, Republic of Moldova


Dnestrovsk Republic of Moldova

Total area

Approximately 20000m²

Year of design


Design stages

Pre-project proposals

Chief Project Architect

Oleksandr Saratov


Oleksandr Saratov, Roman Slyadnev. Dmitro Didenko


The option for organizing a public center in the city of Dnestrovsk presented for consideration is based on the principle of unity with the spatial structure of the city.

The main project’s objective is to create the compositional core of the city  – a multifunctional complex with a massive attraction of people.

The composition of the designed center consists of two parts: the cultural and entertainment part, on the side of the cultural center; office and business part, on the opposite side connected by an underground shopping center.

The volumetric-spatial structure of the center is formed by the subordination of the secondary to the main: in the presented project, the dominant feature is the office center. The plazas formed by the building complex unite its functional parts and serve as recreation zone.

The complex consists of:

  • – Office complex;
  • – Shopping complex;
  • – Entertainment center;
  • – Sports center;
  • – Kid’s cafe;
  • – Cinema;
  • – Parking.