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Hospital Central District in Volchansk GIZ

Project Name and Functional Purpose Hospital Central District in Volchansk GIZ
Address 1 May Street in Volchansk, Kharkiv Region
Land Plot Area 0.58 hectares
Total Facility Area 2833.5 m²
Year of Design 2018-2019
Design Stages Conceptual Design, Working Project Stage, Expertise, Author’s Supervision, Commissioning
Chief Architect Alexander Saratov
Architects Alexander Saratov, Alexander Danchenko

The building of the outpatient clinic of the Volchansk Central District Hospital (KZOZ), which underwent major renovation, is a two-story structure with a pitched roof. Part of the building, constructed in 1914, includes a basement.

The entrances to the building are isolated. Access is provided through external galleries with stairs, without ramps.

The connection between the floors and the basement is made through internal isolated stairs.

Access to the roof is provided through external vertical stairs – a ladder.

The volumetric and layout solution of the outpatient clinic building is designed in a corridor type with a one-sided arrangement of premises.

During the reconstruction of the medical institution, there were reconfigurations, reinforcement of building structures (foundations, walls, roof), partial insulation, replacement of windows and doors, and partial replacement of all engineering systems.