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Hospital in Derhachi GIZ

Project Name and Functional Purpose Hospital in Derhachi GIZ
Address 1 May Street in Derhachi, Derhachi District, Kharkiv Region
Land Plot Area 0.3883 hectares
Total Area of the Facility 1698 m²
Year of Design 2016
Design Stages Conceptual Design, Working Project Stage
Chief Architect Alexander Saratov
Architects: Alexander Saratov, Alexey Muras, Stas Grybunin

The hospital building, slated for reconstruction, is a single-story structure. One part of the roof has a sloped design, while the other part is flat. There is a basement beneath a section of the building, with a separate entrance from the street. The interior layout undergoes minor changes during the reconstruction, particularly in the arrangement of bathrooms and offices, to comply with regulatory standards. The reconstruction project includes strengthening foundations and walls, reinforcing the roof structure, and implementing comprehensive insulation for the entire building.