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OFTALMIKA Clinic at Pavlov Field

Project Name and Functional Purpose OFTALMIKA Clinic at Pavlov Field
Address Otakara Yarosha Street, Kharkiv
Land Plot Area 0.0931 hectares
Total Object Area 1797 m²
Year of Design 2014
Design Stages Sketch Project
Chief Architect Alexander Saratov
Architectural Team: Alexander Saratov, Dmitry Didenko, Svetlana Tertychna

The reconstructed building was a household service combine located in a residential block.

During the reconstruction, a rooftop boiler room is added to the three-story building, and a lift shaft is attached.

The extension is performed on the west side and includes lift shafts and a lift lobby.

During the reconstruction of the basement and the first floor, additional exits are made.

The approach to the building is designed along the existing local drive connecting Otar Yarosh Street and Otar Yarosh Lane.

A parking lot for 12 cars is planned in front of the building, from the side of the local drive.

The reconstruction involves the placement of the following premises:

– In the basement part (at an elevation of -3.000), cloakrooms, dining reception rooms, engineering and technical rooms, utility rooms, and bathrooms;

– On the 1st floor (at an elevation of 0.000), reception rooms, cloakrooms, waiting hall, offices, and bathrooms;

– On the 2nd floor (at an elevation of +3.000), waiting areas, utility rooms, offices, and bathrooms;

– On the 3rd floor (at an elevation of +6.550), director’s rooms, offices, utility rooms, and bathrooms.

On the west side, the construction of lift shafts and a lift lobby is planned.

On the roof, at an elevation of +9.900m, there is a provision for the construction of two roof boiler rooms and a ventilation chamber.