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Private house in Alushta

Type of construction project

Residential building


Outskirts of Alushta, Crimea

Land area


Gross building area

approx. 300м²

Project time frame


Design phases

Conceptual design

Senior Architect

Aleksandr Saratov


Aleksandr Saratov, Aleksandr  Danchenko


The location for the residential building was chosen – both interesting and complex at the same time – not far from Alushta, on the slope of a mountain range stretching along the sea.

The entire composition of the house is based on the opening of the sea view. All living spaces and the terrace open onto it.

The living room of the house acts as an active volume, hanging over the slope and being the dominant feature of the composition of the house. To enhance the effect of revealing the sea view, a balcony is made in the living room, and part of the glass floor of the living room is also designed to add to the feeling of floating above the slope.