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Psychorehabilitation Complex in Feldman Ecopark

Functional Purpose Psychorehabilitation Complex in Feldman Ecopark
Address Feldman Ecopark, Kiev Highway, Lesnoe village
Land Plot Area Part of the overall area of the ecopark
Total Area of the Facility (First Phase of Construction) 767.7 m²
Year of Design 2020
Design Stage Sketch project
Chief Architect Alexander Saratov
Architects Alexander Saratov, Natalia Shirina, Igor Nosik

The proposed “Center for Psychosocial Rehabilitation” is designed for the rehabilitation of children with musculoskeletal disorders, cerebral palsy, and other functional impairments. The center’s work is aimed at providing psychological assistance to individuals with special needs who have physical deviations.

The complex consists of the following facilities: an existing building (to be reconstructed), a planned rehabilitation building with a terrace for outdoor activities, a stable building, a riding arena, and ancillary facilities (a pump station with water treatment next to a tubular well, a restroom, a hay shed). Additionally, the installation of a sports complex is planned, in the form of an open-air area equipped with exercise equipment, as well as the planting of a sensory garden and an open area for horse turnout.