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Reconstruction of building A3 into the Administrative-Exhibition Complex of the Feldman Ecopark

Functional purpose Reconstruction of building A3 into the Administrative-Exhibition Complex of Feldman Eco Park
Address Feldman Eco Park, Kyivske Shosse str., Lesnoe village
Land plot area 0.0894 hectares
Total area of the facility (first stage of construction) 1427 m²
Year of design 2022
Design stages Sketch project
Chief Architect Alexander Saratov
Architects Alexander Saratov, Alexander Danchenko, Natalia Shirina

The project involves the demolition of enclosures attached to the existing building for animals.

The project includes the restoration of landscaping around the building and the construction of a platform and pavement in the place of the demolished enclosures.

The building subject to reconstruction is a three-story structure with a basement under its central part. It is planned to carry out major repairs of the considered non-residential building with the restoration of the sloping roof, which was dismantled during operation. During the reconstruction of the basement, an entrance directly from the street is envisaged, bypassing the emergency staircase. In addition, partial re-planning of the building’s premises is envisaged, preserving the functional purpose of the building. The installation of bathrooms is decided at each floor level. The construction of an attached stair-lift unit and exhibition halls with an open courtyard is provided.