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Reconstruction of the Great Patriotic War Memorial

PurposeReconstruction of the memorial of the Great Patriotic War 1941-1945 in Budы village
AddressBudy village in Kharkov region
Land area2.037 hectares
Total area of the object
Year of design2010
Design stageConceptual design
Chief ArchitectAlexander Saratov
Author’s team:Alexander Saratov, Alexander Danchenko
Reconstruction of the monument to the warriors who died during the Great Patriotic War and the construction of a chapel in the village of Budy, Kharkiv district, Kharkiv region includes improvement of the adjacent territory and creation of a united memorial complex. In addition to the reconstructed part of the monument with commemorative steles with the names of the fallen heroes, the complex should include a chapel in honor of St. Alexander Nevsky, monuments to Afghan heroes, and a monument to Chernobyl heroes.