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Reconstruction of the Oil Extraction Plant (OEP) in Mariupol

Functional Purpose Reconstruction of the Oil Extraction Plant (OEP) in Mariupol
Address Marshal Biryuzov Street, Poltava
Plant Capacity 1300 tons/day
Land Area 7.25 hectares
Total Facility Area (first construction phase) Over 5000 m²
Design Year 2010
Design Stages Conceptual design, Working design, Author’s supervision, Commissioning
Chief Architect Alexander Saratov
Chief Engineer Anatoliy Butenko
Architects Alexander Saratov, Natalia Shabotinska, Sergey Lemekhov with the participation of Nadezhda Lipinska and Sergey Buchev

Comprehensive reconstruction of the Poltava Oil Extraction Plant (OEP) with an increase in processing capacity for sunflower seeds to 1300 tons per day includes:

– The first phase of construction with the establishment of a dehulling and winnowing section and an oil press shop on the site of the demolished old structures;
– Installation of a silo storage for seeds;
– Laboratory reconstruction;
– Construction of granulation;
– Reconstruction of the steam boiler room;
– Reconstruction of the gasoline storage;
– Noise protection device installation;
– Reconstruction of the oil freezing shop (ventilation);
– Reconstruction of the factory’s stormwater drainage system.