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Reconstruction of the oil extraction plant (MEZ) in Mariupol

Functional purpose Reconstruction of the oil extraction plant (MEZ) in Mariupol
Address in Novoazovsky district of Mariupol, Donetsk region
Plant productivity 1500t/day
Land area 9.44 hectares
Total area of ​​the facility (first stage of construction) more than 2000 m²
Design year 2011
Design stages Sketch design, detailed design, designer’s supervision, commissioning
GAP Alexander Saratov
GUI Anatoly Butenko
Architects Alexander Saratov, Elena Ovcharova

The design site is located in the Novoazovsk district of Mariupol, Donetsk region, on the eastern outskirts of the city of Mariupol. To the northwest are the lands of the Lebedynsky district council. The land area for the operation of the complex’s structures is 9.44 hectares.

The project involves the reconstruction of existing buildings for receiving agricultural products from road transport on one lane, wet seed cleaning section, and conveyor gantry №1. It also includes the construction of a dry seed cleaning section, operational seed silo, operational seed bunker, conveyor gantry №2, and bucket elevators №1, 2.

The project envisages the reconstruction of a grain cleaning complex with a capacity of 2000 tons per day and the installation of a wet seed storage silo.

Key technical production data:

Technological equipment for preliminary seed cleaning is supplied by “Schmidt-Seeger AG,” Germany.

Technological equipment for primary seed cleaning, as well as conveyor equipment and wet seed silo, is supplied by PJSC “Karlovsky Machine-Building Plant,” Karlovka, Ukraine.

Aspiration equipment is supplied by PJSC “Khorol Mechanical Plant,” Khorol, Ukraine.

– Seed cleaning equipment capacity: 50 – 130 tons/h
– Conveyor capacity: 50 – 150 tons/h
– Bucket elevator capacity: 50 – 150 tons/h

Production buildings and structures:

– Reception device for agricultural products from road transport on two lanes (existing)
– Seed cleaning section
– Wet seed storage silo with a volume of 3990 m3
– Bucket elevator tower
– Operational seed bunker with a volume of 81 m3
– Grain dryer A1-DSP-50 (existing)
– Grain dryer ZSM – 760 (existing)
– Conveyor galleries
– Laboratory