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Reconstruction of the terminal complex of Dnipro Airport.

Functional Purpose Reconstruction of the terminal complex of Dnipro Airport
Address Aerodrome Street, Aviatorske village, Dniprovskyi district, Dnipropetrovsk region
Terminal Capacity 1200 passengers/hour
Land Plot Area 41.03 hectares
Total Object Area 22,467 m²
Year of Design 2019
Design Stages Sketch project
Chief Architect Alexander Saratov
Architects Maxim Bulat, Alexander Saratov, Alexey Muras, Denis Bozhko with the participation of Anna Yaroshok and Anastasia Pluzhnikova

The airport development concept includes:

– Constructing the runway in place of the existing one.
– Placing the apron with taxiways partly on the Dnіproavia site and partly on state land, as close as possible to the runway.
– Organizing access to the terminal square from the side of the bypass country road.
– Organizing the terminal square in a location free from the existing apron.
– Creating a unified composition of the terminal complex, consisting of an international terminal and a VIP terminal. Placing the terminal complex along the border of the leased land of Dnіprovavia.
– Locating the technological service buildings and structures near the apron.

The area of the site for the first option of the terminal complex is 41.03 hectares.

The area of construction for the planned passenger terminal is approximately 1.44 hectares. Vehicle access to the building is provided from the entrance road to the airport.

The planned terminal is a building with dimensions of approximately 75 m by 131 m and a height of about 17 m.

Two architectural concepts for the international terminal have been developed.

The international terminal is planned to be three stories with a basement level.

The underground level is designed at an elevation of -4.950 meters and includes engineering and technical rooms.

1st floor. Elevation +-0.000 meters – passenger hall (lobby), arrivals hall, cafes, ticket counters, technical rooms, baggage compartments, restrooms.

2nd floor. Elevation +5.400 meters – departure halls for local and international flights, waiting areas, restrooms, inspection rooms, offices for border control and customs services, inspection rooms and offices for security services, shops, cafes.

3rd floor (elevation 9.300) – rooms for security and customs services, ventilation chambers.

Parking lots with entrance and exit ramps to the access road are planned on the terminal square. Platforms for bus and shuttle taxi parking are also designed.

The main entrances to the passenger terminal are provided from the terminal square.