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Residential building on Peremoga Ave. in Mariupol

Functional purpose

Residential building on Peremoga Ave. in Mariupol


Peremoga Avenue in Mariupol

Land area

0.9065 ha

Total area of the object

Approximately 7475.42m²

Living area


Number of apartments


Year of design


Design stages


Chief Project Architect

Draft design, Project, expertise and working documentation


Oleksandr Saratov


The project allows the reconstruction of hotel premises for 210-275 beds into guest apartments (Standard project 1C-O1-464A-2 – 1965-1970. Project of a hotel for foreign specialists with 207 beds in 1970). The project provisions the organization of 62 guest apartments: 15 one-room apartments, 23 two-room apartments and 24 three-room apartments.

The main entrance is located on the south side along Peremoga Avenue. Vertical communication between floors is provided by two existing staircases and two elevators (for the 10-story part of the hotel).

On the ground floor of a 10-story reconstructed building, the project proposes to place a room for the duty personnel and the commandant’s office, rooms for cleaning equipment, a shower room for the duty personnel, a bathroom; the entrance to the building is separated from the entrance to the public part of the 1st floor.