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Residential complex in Lesne

Functional Purpose Residential complex in Lesne
Address Urban-type settlement Lesne, Derhachivskyi district, Kharkiv region
Land Plot Area 0.12 hectares
Total Object Area Approximately 255 m²
Year of Design 2005
Design Stages Conceptual design, working project, author’s supervision
Chief Architectural Designer (GAP) Alexander Saratov
Architects Alexander Saratov, Andriy Shteyner

The designed residential house is located in the village of Lesne, Derhachivskyi district, Kharkiv region.

The spatial composition of the designed residential house harmoniously blends into the existing landscape and urban-planning context, meeting the requirements for favorable room insolation based on their functional purpose. On the first floor, there are: an entrance group, a living room (with two exposures), a study, a dining room with a kitchen, a guest bathroom, and a utility room. Through the “lobby-foyer,” the hall is connected to the garage. The living room and dining room have access to an open terrace.

The first and attic levels are connected by a staircase located in the entrance group. It leads to the common hall with entrances to two bedrooms, each with its own walk-in closet, and a bathroom.

A fireplace is planned for the living room on the first floor.