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Residential complex in Senkovo

Functional purpose

Residential complex in Senkovo


Senkovo village, Kharkiv region

Plot area

0.15 ha

Object total area

Approximately 200m²

Year of design


Design stages

Draft design, working design

Chief Project Architect

Oleksandr Saratov


Oleksandr Saratov, Oleksandr Danchenko


A reconstruction of the residential complex was carried out, which included the reconstruction of a traditional house, the construction of a two-story extension to it, the construction of a utility part, including a bathhouse and utility rooms, as well as the construction of a barbecue and gazebo. The residential complex is located in the Senkovo village, Kharkiv region, on the banks of the Stary Oskil river. The project envisaged the creation of a timber-framed farmstead on the outskirts of the village on a vast land plot opening onto the river.