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«Safari Park»

Functional purpose Multifunctional entertainment complex “Safari Park”
Address Lands of Podgorodniy Dnieper district
Land area 180 ha
Total area of ​​the object Approximately 35,000m²
Design year 2020
Design stages Sketch design
GAP Alexander Saratov
Team of authors: Alexander Saratov, Denis Bozhko, Svetlana Podkopay, with the participation of Anna Yaroshok

The project envisages the creation of a multifunctional entertainment complex that will combine the solution of several functional tasks: entertainment, educational, health, educational and commercial. The project provides for the creation of a unified architectural and landscape composition, including natural dominants (lakes and rivers, artificial mountains) and architectural complexes that will be included in the architectural and spatial structure of the complex. In short, the idea of ​​the complex is a natural mountain (an outcrop of Dnieper granite), around which all the spaces, lakes, and steppes beyond the lakes were formed. The entire composition is based on subordination to the main thing – the dominant of the mountain. The entire architectural and spatial structure of the complex is subordinate to this dominant.