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The Church of the Nativity of Christ in Maksymivka

Functional purpose Church of the Nativity of Christ in Maksymivka
Address Village of Maksymivka, Kharkiv region
Land plot area 0.4979 hectares
Total area of the facility (first stage of construction) 89.57 m²
Year of design 2011
Design stages Sketch project, working project
Chief Architect Alexander Saratov
Architects Alexander Saratov, Alexander Danchenko, Maxim Bulat

The reconstructed temple is located deep within the residential territory. The plot is bordered by roads on the southeast, southwest, northwest, and north sides, and on the east side by the village cemetery.

The temple building is situated on the southern side of the plot. The western and eastern sides are bordered by Chaloho Street. The Kharkiv-Sumy highway is located to the south of the plot.

The composition of the temple is symbolic. The sloping roof of the temple is crowned with a dome. The composition is completed by the vertical bell tower. The temple is designed without pillars. The structure of the temple plan is three-part (sanctuary – middle part – narthex), with a rectangular plan, and an added bell tower. The sanctuary is located in the middle part. The bell tower is integrated and located above the narthex, while the sanctuary is situated in the southern part of the building. The choirs are designed on the first floor in the western part of the temple.