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The Nature Museum in Feldman Ecopark

Functional Purpose Nature Museum in Feldman Ecopark
Address Feldman Ecopark, Kiev Highway, Lesnoe village
Land Plot Area Included in the overall area of the ecopark
Total Area of the Facility (first phase of construction) 1135.6 m²
Year of Design 2020
Design Stages Sketch Project
Chief Architect (CA) Alexander Saratov
Architects Alexey Muras, Maxim Bulat, Alexander Saratov, Vladа Shevchenko

The building is designed to be constructed from lightweight metal structures. Being surrounded by trees, the main idea of the proposed museum is to preserve the tallest oak trees as much as possible and incorporate them into the overall museum composition. This is achieved by creating “pergolas” that embrace the museum and delineate open spaces for exhibitions from the forest. The open “ribbed pergola” structures, resembling a snail in shape, seemingly embrace the closed part of the museum – the pearls. The closed part is made of a metal structure and covered with panels made of emolite. Inside, there are three exhibition halls arranged along one axis, creating an enfilade layout of the museum. In addition to the halls, there are auxiliary rooms and engineering rooms.