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The Temple of the Holy Prince Alexander Nevsky in Druzhkovka.

Functional Purpose Temple of the Holy Prince Alexander Nevsky in Druzhkovka
Address On Central Street in the city of Druzhkovka, Donetsk Oblast
Land Area 0.57 hectares
Total Area of the Object 278.4 m²
Year of Design 2020
Design Stage Sketch Project
Chief Architect Alexander Saratov
Architects Alexander Saratov, Alexander Danchenko

The plot is located between the complex monument to the fallen Soviet soldiers-liberators and the area of school No. 9 in the park zone, and meets all parameters for its intended purpose as a temple complex. Erecting a temple on it will allow for creating a complete composition by establishing a local dominant feature, and it will logically fit into the composition of the district.

The project involves the construction of the temple building, landscaping of the area adjacent to the temple, installation of alleys and pedestrian paths, planting of greenery and lawns, as well as the reconstruction of the clergy house and installation of a drinking fountain.

A parking lot for 11 cars/spaces is planned in front of the entrance to the temple complex.

The envisioned temple is dedicated to the Holy Prince Alexander Nevsky, in the monastic name Alexis.