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Cafe with a hearth

Functional purpose Café with a fireplace
Address Lenina Avenue, Kharkiv
Land area 0.0354 hectares
Total area of the object 499.7 m²
Year of design 2006-2007
Design stages Conceptual design, Working design, Author’s supervision, Commissioning
Chief Architect-Designer Alexander Saratov
Chief Designer Anatoliy Butenko
Architects Alexander Saratov, Dmitry Didenko, Nadiya Lipinska with the participation of Vitaliy Kichigin

The planned cafe with a summer terrace is located in the area of residential building No. 66 on Lenin Avenue in the Dzerzhinsky district of Kharkiv.

The area of the plot is 0.0354 hectares. One side of the plot is bordered by an alley along Lenin Avenue; on the south side, the plot is limited by a pedestrian path leading into the microdistrict; on the east and north sides, the plot adjoins a square.

The cafe building with a summer terrace is two-story with a basement.

The floor at elevation -3.000 includes auxiliary premises for the kitchen, staff rooms, and restrooms. There are two emergency exits in total. The stairwell in axes “5-6” leads to elevation 0.000, onto the street. The second emergency exit is provided through a window with a well near axis “1”. There is a staircase in axes “1-2” leading to the service area on the first floor of the cafe. The door to these stairs is fire resistant.

The floor at elevation 0.000 includes the dining area of the cafe, auxiliary premises, and restrooms for visitors. The main entrance to the building is from Lenin Avenue directly into the dining area. An air thermal curtain is planned at the entrance. The second emergency exit from the hall leads through a corridor to the street. There is an open staircase in axes “1-2” leading to the second floor of the cafe.

On the floor at an elevation of 3.600 meters, there are the second dining hall of the cafe, a VIP room, and restrooms for visitors. Evacuation exits from the second floor are staircases in axes “1-2” and “5-6”.

A ladder-staircase leads to the roof, providing access to the roof-mounted gas conditioner (“rufthop”).