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Church of the Nativity of the Holy Mother of God in Udы

Functional Purpose Church of the Nativity of the Holy Mother of God in Udы
Address Ul. Uglovskogo, village Udy, Bogodukhiv district, Kharkiv region
Land Plot Area 0.18 hectares
Total Object Area 326 m²
Year of Design 2021
Design Stages Conceptual design
Chief Architect Alexander Saratov
Architects Alexander Danchenko, Alexander Saratov

The plot is located in the center of the village, adjacent to the cemetery zone. In close proximity, there are: a school, a township council; opposite the main entrance to the site, there is a memorial to the fallen liberator warriors of the Great Patriotic War. The construction of a temple on this plot will create a complete composition by establishing a local dominant, which will logically fit into the composition of the village.

The area for the construction of the temple complex is located on a residential plot of land free of buildings. The designed plot for the temple complex is limited by:

  • – on the north and south sides – driveways to the cemetery area;
  • – on the east side – the cemetery;
  • – on the west – Uglovskogo Street.

Around the temple, a circular passage is provided for the procession during church holidays, with a width of more than 5 m and platforms of up to 6 m in front of the side entrances to the temple and opposite the altar.

In front of the main entrance to the temple, located on the western side, a pedestrian area is provided at the rate of at least 0.2 m per seat in the temple.

The position of the temple is determined by church requirements (canons) – the orientation of the altar is provided in the eastern direction. The complex configuration with a protruding, attached bell tower and vestibule made it possible to integrate into the urban composition.

Pre-project proposals provide for an auxiliary area intended for organizing parish, educational, charitable and other activities. It is connected to the entrance and temple area. In this zone it is planned to place a church and clergy house, an altar, a worship cross and a utility area. Parking for 10 cars is provided within the red lines of the street. Uglovsky.

The church and clergy house is designed to be two-level, with an attic floor. Bathrooms for parishioners are provided in the church building and have an entrance from the outside.