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Cultural and Entertainment Complex ‘Fortress’ at Feldman Eco Park

Functional PurposeCultural and Entertainment Complex “Fortress” at Feldman Eco Park
AddressFeldman Eco Park on the Ring Road, Kharkiv
Land Plot Area2.66 hectares
Total Object Area (Phase One of Construction)6220 m²
Year of Design2017
Design StageConceptual design
Lead ArchitectAlexander Saratov
Authoring TeamAlexander Saratov, Alexey Muras, Andrey Shteyner, Ulyana Chichkan, Ekaterina Kolesnikova, Denis Bozhko, Anna Yarosh

The proposed cultural and entertainment complex is designed as a theme park called the “Medieval Park.”

The park’s composition follows medieval conventions of fortress construction, featuring “three cities” enclosed by three fortress walls:

1. “Detinets” or the feudal lord’s castle with a central tower (donjon).
2. The craftsmen’s city enclosed by a fortress wall with towers, centered around a square.
3. The “earthly” city enclosed by a palisade.

The park is envisioned as a place of interaction with medieval culture, providing an opportunity to explore history, crafts, daily life, and immerse oneself in the medieval world. The park’s program includes knightly battles, equestrian competitions, performances by medieval theaters, and various entertainments. Exhibition halls with collections of weapons, medieval utensils, and art will be part of the park’s offerings.

Visitors will have the chance to acquaint themselves with medieval crafts such as blacksmithing, pottery, and weaving, as well as indulge in various culinary delights from medieval cuisine. Park visitors can try on costumes and don warrior armor, learn about agricultural practices of that era, and explore a variety of folk art products, souvenirs, pottery, clothing, and more.

Additionally, plans for the park include the establishment of a hotel complex with a restaurant hall and a beer restaurant in the basement on the park’s premises.

The object is located in close proximity to the existing eco-park “Feldman Park,” on the eastern side of Belgorodskoye Shosse. This proximity allows for the integration of the two entities into a unified complex of entertainment services, connecting the two parks through a pedestrian crossing over the highway. The crossing is proposed in two variants: the first being an underground passage with the possibility of ramps for people with limited mobility and horses, and the second being an above-ground crossing in the form of two towers connected by a truss bridge over the road. In the second variant of the crossing, there are plans to include at least two elevators for individuals with disabilities and stairs for access to the crossing.

The composition of the complex is constructed following examples of medieval architecture and aims to create a medieval environment, invoking a sense of immersion in history and time for the visitors.

The presented composition is built on the subordination of its parts and the dominance of the core composition – the “Detinets” (feudal castle) with the main tower, Donjon.