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Dog kennel in Feldman Eco Park

Functional purpose Dog kennel in Feldman Eco Park
Address Feldman Eco Park, located on Kiev Highway in Lesnoye Village
Land plot area 4.9 hectares
Total object area (first stage of construction) 3213.7 m²
Year of design 2017
Design stages Sketch project
Chief Architect Alexander Saratov
Architects Alexander Saratov, Igor Nosik, Alexey Muras, Elena Ovcharova

The area for the planned complex of the Reconstruction of the integrated property complex of the “Dynamo” camp into a camp for cynologists is located in the Kharkiv region, Dergachevsky district, Cherkaska Lozova village, on Kyivske Shosse Street.

The organization of the cynologist camp territory is envisaged with a division into two zones: 1st – the area for dog maintenance and 2nd – the zone for cynologists and camp visitors. On the 1st zone, buildings for dog maintenance are located: 2 blocks of kennels, a veterinary block, a quarantine block, a maternity block, an administrative block for service personnel. In the 2nd zone of the planned complex, buildings for public and temporary dog accommodation are located: a dormitory building, a showroom building. Each building is designed taking into account the peculiarities of dog breeding technology and sanitary norms.

The composition of the cynologist camp is based on the idea of delicately fitting into the existing forest landscape, assuming a subordinate position to it. This is achieved in the project through the co-scaling of the designed spaces with the natural ones existing specifically in this place, as well as the conciseness of the forms of the designed buildings. The choice of construction and finishing materials is dictated by the requirements of environmental friendliness, functionality, and visual lightness.