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Equestrian facility in Feldman Eco Park

Functional Purpose Equestrian Facility in Feldman Eco Park
Address Near Feldman Eco Park, along Kievskoe Shosse in the village of Lesnoe
Land Area 0.5173 hectares
Total Area of the Object (first stage of construction) 2410 m²
Year of Design 2018
Design Stage Conceptual design
Chief Architect Alexander Saratov
Architects Alexander Saratov, Elena Ovcharova, Alexey Muras, Anna Yaroshok

The customer plans to undertake the new construction of an equestrian complex. The complex’s territory is envisioned to be divided into three zones:

1. **First Zone** – the horsekeeping zone with administrative and residential buildings, as well as structures for the economic and technical support of the complex. The first zone is planned to be located in the northwest part of the considered territory.

2. **Second Zone** – the area of open arenas and pastures. The second zone is planned to be situated in the central and southern parts of the considered territory.

3. **Third Zone** – the visitor zone with a parking lot. The third zone is planned to be placed in the northeast part of the considered territory.

The horsekeeping block is intended to be constructed as a block with an administrative and residential unit and a block for visitors, ensuring convenient connection for staff and visitors to the horse storage facility. The main facade faces the central part of the territory under consideration, where the complex of arenas and pastures of the second zone is planned.

The complex of buildings and structures for economic and engineering purposes, which is planned to be located on the northwest side, is intended to be constructed as a block. This allows creating a closed courtyard with a turning maneuvering area for unloading solid fuel, bedding, and horse feed. Additionally, within the unified volume of economic buildings, there is a plan to place a garage for the internal courtyard’s machinery.

The composition of the complex consists of the main stable building, blocked with administrative and residential premises, and a block of utility rooms, forming a closed internal space of the utility yard. On the external side of the stable building, there is a primary riding arena for equestrian activities and a small arena for training. The entrance for visitors to the complex is located on the side facing the parking area. Below, around the arenas, there is a green pasture zone comprising several meadows.