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Gloria Shopping Mall at Blagoveshchensky Bazaar

Project Name and Functional Purpose Gloria Shopping Mall at Blagoveshchensky Bazaar
Address Prospect Mashinostroiteley in Kharkiv
Land Plot Area 0.8057 hectares
Total Object Area 21,059.8 m²
Leased Area 12,592.6 m²
Year of Design 2015
Concept Westfourth Architecture (W4)
Design Stages Conceptual Design, Project Stage, Expertise
Chief Architect Alexander Saratov
Architectural Team Alexander Saratov, Dmitry Didenko, Sergey Tikhonov, Yulia Zhmurko, Denis Bozhko

The proposed shopping center is a 3-story building with a technical floor at an elevation of 15.6 meters and a basement, which includes a temporary parking for visitors’ cars with 143 parking spaces. Additional 30 parking spaces are provided on the ground level of the shopping center. The building’s configuration is determined by the boundaries of the plot and the red lines of Mashinostroiteley Avenue and Piskunovska Street.

On the first floor, there are facilities for the sale of food and non-food products, a public catering establishment, household and auxiliary rooms, and a loading zone.

On the second floor, there are facilities for the sale of non-food products.

On the third floor, there are facilities for the sale of non-food products and a cafe.

At the elevation of 15.6 meters (technical floor), there are engineering and technical rooms of the building, including a boiler room, roof boiler room, ventilation, air conditioning, etc.

In the basement, a parking lot for visitors is planned. Additionally, the basement will house engineering rooms and fire extinguishing pump rooms.

Access to the utility yard of the construction site is provided from Piskunovska Street with an exit to Mashinostroiteley Avenue. From the utility yard side, unloading ramps with leveling platforms for goods unloading are envisaged. The utility yard will include the installation of waste containers, a platform for a mobile diesel power station (DES), and parking spaces for service personnel and shopping center employees. On the side of Mashinostroiteley Avenue and Piskunovska Street, two entrances and exits from the underground parking are planned. Exits are designed considering the existing road and transport situation, based on a clear and simple scheme for the movement of pedestrians and vehicles.