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Hostel in Kharkiv GIZ

Project Name and Functional Purpose Hostel in Kharkiv GIZ
Address Mira Street in Kharkiv
Land Plot Area 0.5308 hectares
Total Object Area 1158 m²
Year of Design 2017-2018
Design Stages Sketch Project, Working Project Stage, Expertise, Author’s Supervision, Commissioning
Chief Architect Alexander Saratov
Architects Alexander Saratov, Yulia Zhmurko

The territory of the Kharkiv Municipal Center for Homeless Reintegration is located in a residential quarter, bounded by Mira Street, Elektrovuzna Street, and Ivan Karkacha Lane, in the Industrial Administrative District of Kharkiv. The territory of the reintegration center is fenced with a metal, lattice fence. Entry and exits to the territory are provided from Elektrovuzna Street.

The building of the municipal reintegration center, which is subject to reconstruction, is two-story with a flat roof. The building is without a basement. Planning solutions have been slightly modified: improved planning of sanitary units, complying with norms, and a restroom for people with disabilities has been designed. The floor level in the entrance group premises (lobbies, vestibules) has been leveled. Changes in the planning of entrance groups ensure the necessary normative evacuation exits. In addition to changes in planning and providing necessary evacuation exits, the reconstruction includes the replacement of all engineering systems and insulation of the building.