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Interiors of the Kharkov air terminal

Type of construction projectInteriors of the Kharkov air terminal
LocationKharkov air terminal, st. Romashkina, 1 Kharkov
Land area
Gross building area2162.79m²
Project time frame2011
Design phasesSketch design, Project stage, working documentation, scientific support, designer’s supervision and commissioning.
Senior ArchitectAlexander Saratov
Scientific supportAlexander Buryak, Vladimir Lopatko
Architects:Alexander Saratov, Maxim Bulat, Alexander Danchenko, Dmitry Didenko

The project envisaged a complex of restoration works to restore the original appearance of the facades and public interiors of the architectural monument (Historical building of Kharkiv Airport, located at 1 Romashkina Street, Kharkiv, marked as monument of architecture under protection number 67 by the decision No.334 of the Kharkiv Regional Executive Committee dated April 30, 1980, constructed in 1952-1954). The interiors of the service premises were selectively restored.

Several types of orders were applied in the building of Kharkiv Airport: monumental columns of the main entrance, slender “Pompeian” columns at the main entrance tambour, “inserted” into a huge stained-glass facade wall of the vestibule, decorative wooden columns with gilded carved capitals adorning the window frames of the main halls. All these columns have non-canonical capitals specially designed for this object.

The interiors were restored as closely as possible to their original appearance, using furniture and interior elements in the stylistic manner typical of the period of the object’s construction. Since the project documentation of 1951 has not been preserved, the lost elements are planned to be restored based on analogs.

Specialized specialists who have positively proved themselves in similar works were involved in the project and restoration works for specific elements of interiors and facades of the monument.