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Media center for Euro 2012 with subsequent reconstruction as a car showroom.

Project Name and Functional Purpose Media Center for Euro 2012 with Subsequent Conversion to Car Dealership
Address Plekhanovska Street, Kharkiv
Land Plot Area 0.25 hectares
Total Building Area 2792.6 m²
Year of Design 2012
Design Stage Conceptual Design
Chief Architect Alexander Saratov
Architects Alexander Saratov, Alexander Evdokimov, Vitaliy Kichigin, Natalia Shabotinskaya

The design area is located in the Kominternovsky district of Kharkov, within a block bordered by Plekhanovskaya Street, Vlasovskiy Lane, Kremlin Street, Sapelnyk Lane, within the territory of the “Frunze Plant”.

Adjacent to the proposed object are: a car dealership, the Frunze Plant’s transformer substation, administrative and residential buildings. Opposite the proposed object is the “Metalist” stadium, and nearby there is a hotel and residential area. The boundaries of the plot are indicated in the graphic part of the General Plan. The plot has a gentle relief, with a height difference of 0.5 meters.

A driveway for passenger and public transport, a parking lot, and a stopping area for taxis and buses are planned along the building.

The project includes the reconstruction of part of the former plant workshop to accommodate a media center. Part of the reconstructed building has a complex configuration (in axes 56.3 by 49 meters) with varying heights – 1-2 floors. The maximum height of the building is 10 meters (at the ridge).

The reconstructed building consists of a metal frame with self-supporting walls.

According to UEFA requirements, the reconstructed building includes facilities to serve journalists and media representatives covering the events of the Euro 2012 Championship. Designed areas include working halls for journalists, photojournalists, UEFA representatives’ offices, spaces for servicing photo and video equipment, a server room, cafeteria, sanitary and technical facilities. The building is designed to accommodate 350 journalists and 150 photographers.

The building consists of a two-sided volume with three staircases connecting two levels:

At elevation +-0.000, there are areas for press and photographers’ work, rooms for servicing photo and video cameras, offices, staff service rooms, as well as technical and auxiliary rooms, restrooms.

At elevation 4.650, there are areas for press and photographers’ work, a cafeteria, staff service rooms, and restrooms.

The facade facing Vlasovsky Lane and Plekhanovskaya Street has continuous glazing, finished with a parapet clad in aluminum panels. A staircase shaft and canopy protrude from the Plekhanovskaya Street side. “Solid” parts of entrance portals are inserted into the glazing.

The building is equipped with all engineering systems: ventilation and air conditioning systems, electrical supply, IT systems, telephony, water supply and sanitation, fire protection systems.

After the championship, the building will be converted into a car dealership with a car servicing center.