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Medical storage complex

Functional purpose/Project name Medical Storage Complex
Address Ozerna St., Kotlyary Village, Kharkiv District, Kharkiv Oblast
Storage area Approximately 7000 m²
Land plot area 1.9503 hectares
Total facility area 8845 m²
Year of design 2012
Design stages Concept design, Project stage, Working documentation, Author’s supervision, Commissioning.
Chief Architect Alexander Saratov
Architects Alexander Saratov, Dmitry Didenko, Stas Gribunin

The area of the planned warehouse complex is 0.768 hectares. In the plan, the building has dimensions of 188 m by 59 m. The structure consists of three floors: the first three floors serve as a trade, administrative, and residential building (height up to 15 m), and the first floor is a warehouse building (height up to 10.5 m).

The 1st floor is designed at elevation 0.000 and includes residential premises in axes “1-4” and warehouse premises in axes “5-25”, “26-34”.

The 2nd floor is at elevation +3.600 and accommodates administrative and trade premises.

The 3rd floor is at elevation +7.200 and houses administrative and trade premises.

Roof heating units are designed on the roof of the administrative and residential building at elevation +10.800.

Vehicle access to the complex is provided from Bezlyudovska Street (via a driveway with asphalt covering, laid on the adjacent plot based on a servitude agreement) and from the existing driveway at neighboring warehouse complexes.

The main entrance is from Bezlyudovska Street. The exit of vehicles to the existing driveway of neighboring warehouse complexes is designed as a fire exit.

The project includes a parking lot with 17 parking spaces.

Across the territory of the planned complex, a circular drive is provided. The complex’s terrain has a significant relief variation, with an elevation difference of up to 6 meters. The main entrance is planned from Bezlyudovska Street, using the proposed driveway. Employee vehicles, after passengers are dropped off at the turning platform in front of the building, will be left in the parking lot. Cargo vehicles continue to the freight yard through the circular drive. A ramp with dock levelers for loading goods into the warehouse and a canopy for loading goods onto small vehicles delivering to end consumers is provided on the freight yard’s eastern side.

The complex of trade and warehouse premises consists of a trade, office, and residential building with a height of up to 15 meters and a warehouse building with a height of up to 10.5 meters. The fire resistance rating is II. Metal structures are treated with fire-resistant coatings.

The building is designed as a unified complex for receiving, storing, shipping, and trading in pharmaceuticals. The planned complex adheres to all fire safety, sanitation, technological, and other norms related to buildings of this typology.