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Office Center “Woomy” on Moskovsky Avenue

To English:
Project Name and Functional Purpose Office Center “Woomy” on Moskovsky Prospekt
Address Moskovsky Prospekt, Kharkiv
Land Area 2.1 hectares
Total Object Area 15,162.5 m²
Year of Design 2013
Design Concept ZAarchiteсts Team (Dmytro Zhuykov, Arina Ageeva, Yuriy Bendasov)
Design Stages Conceptual Design, Project Stage; Working Documentation, Author’s Supervision
Chief Architect of the Project Alexander Saratov
Architects: Alexander Saratov, Alexander Danchenko, Dmytro Didenko, Maxim Bulat, Sergii Tikhonov, Sergii Nelasyi, Nataliia Shabotinska, Svitlana Tertychna

To English:

On the planned site, there is an 8-story building of the former design institute, two- and three-story buildings of economic structures, RP 550, as well as old non-residential buildings and metal pavilions slated for demolition. The reconstruction involves merging the eight-story building and the courtyard buildings into a single functional complex with commercial, office, and socio-cultural facilities.

The project includes the reconstruction of the eight-story building and the two-story building located in the courtyard, uniting them into a single functional complex designed for IT specialists. This involves creating a unified workspace and recreational area.

The reconstructed building is intended to accommodate office, commercial, and sports and entertainment spaces, cafes, a hotel, and co-working spaces.

Additionally, the basement is designed to house essential engineering facilities: a water meter unit, a fire pump room, an electrical switchboard, communication nodes, and a ventilation chamber.

In the three-story building, there are plans for a children’s development center, fitness areas, tennis facilities, a beauty salon, an art workshop, and retail spaces.