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Reconstruction of an unfinished building into a residential house in Chuhuiv.

Project Name and Functional Purpose Reconstruction of an unfinished building into a residential house in Chuhuiv
Address K. Libknekhta Street in Chuhuiv
Land Plot Area 0.3590 hectares
Total Area of the Object Approximately 11,489.6 m²
Year of Design 2020-2021
Design Stages Sketch project, project stage
Chief Architect Alexander Saratov
Architects Alexander Saratov, Alexander Danchenko, Natalia Shabotinska, Vladislava Shevchenko

The residential building subject to reconstruction (the construction of which is incomplete) is planned to be located in the southern part of the land plot. The building is an eight-story structure with a basement, rectangular in plan. The long side of the building is along the street line. It incorporates public spaces at the first-floor level. A parking area for residents is provided on the basement level.

The main facade facing the street at the first-floor level is fully glazed. All entrances to the public area of the building are equipped with external stairs and ramps.

Access to the residential part of the building is provided from the courtyard facade and is via an internal separate staircase.

The project includes the placement of a playground, utility area, and space for garbage containers in the courtyard area.

The reconstruction project includes the following layout: on the first floor, there are public facilities; on the basement level, it is envisaged to place a security room, an engineering unit, an electrical switchboard, and parking for 25 cars. Starting from the second floor, apartments are planned. The project envisions a total of 77 apartments from the second to the eighth floor: 9 one-bedroom apartments, 52 two-bedroom apartments, and 16 three-bedroom apartments.