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Residential building over a dry river

Functional purposeA residential building above a dry river
Addresss. Chaikovka, Dergachevsky district
Land area0.2 ha
Total area of ​​the objectApproximately 275 m²
Design year2019
Design stagesSketch design, working design, designer’s supervision
GAPAlexander Saratov
DesignerVyacheslav Nozdrachev
Team of authors:Alexander Saratov, Alexander Danchenko with the participation of Vyacheslav Nozdrachev

The main compositional element for the house was the “dry river”, which was formed into a ravine that cut the land plot. The house seems to hang over this river, as if it were the source of this river. By placing the house on this slope, we received breathtaking views from the living quarters to the Kharkov distance and the nearby pond.

The location of the house on a steep terrain influenced its spatial organization. This is how the spaces of the house develop downward: from the upper entrance area near the house to the living room with a terrace located on the lower area.

Thus, the house has 2 floors: ground floor and first floor.

The entrance to the house is from the upper platform.

On the ground floor it is designed: an entrance hall with a wardrobe, a hall, 3 bedrooms (one of them with a bathroom), a combined bathroom, a laundry room. A staircase opens into the hall, connecting to the ground floor and opening into the living room with a vertical fireplace chimney accent.

The ground floor contains: a covered terrace, a kitchen, a dining room, a combined bathroom, an office, a two-story living room with a fireplace, bedrooms, and a furnace room.

In addition to the house, there is a garage, a bathhouse on the site, and a place has been chosen for a tube well, small treatment facilities and a storage tank for conditionally clean water.

The composition of the house is built following exclusively the logic of the natural relief on which it is located. The naturalness of its spatial structure is emphasized by the finishing elements of an Alpine chalet. This gave the house a natural character. The layout of the house is designed in such a way that all living spaces have a favorable orientation to the cardinal points, and the views from them open to nature – to the nearby pond, forest and Kharkov distances.

The decoration of the house is made using natural materials – wood, natural stone, metal.