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Residential building with terrace

Type of construction project

Residential building with terrace


Tsyrkuny, Kharkiv Region, Ukraine

Land area

0.67 ha

Gross building area

approx. 297 m²

Project time frame


Design phases

Conceptual design, detailed design, designer’s supervision

Senior Architect

Aleksandr Saratov


Aleksandr Saratov,

Aleksandr Danchenko


The designed plot for a private developer is located on the lands of the Tsyrkuny, Kharkiv Region. The house is located on a sloping slope

overlooking the Selyshche Zhukovsʹkoho and the green area of the forest park – Lisopark.

The plot has three terraces. On the upper terrace there is a garage and a utility building, on the middle one there is a house, and on the lower one there is an area for a green corner.

The entrance to the site is designed from Proselochnaya Street.

The spatial composition of the residential building meets two main tasks set by the customer:

– To hide the house from the street as much as possible and to open its internal spaces to the views of the forest park as much as possible.

The house has a favorable orientation of the rooms according to the cardinal directions.

On the ground floor there is an entrance hall, a hall, a living room, a winter garden, a dining room, a kitchen, a staff room, a guest bedroom, a furnace room, and a bathroom. A fireplace is designed between the dining room and living room.

On the second floor there is a hall, a bathroom, three children’s bedrooms and a masters bedroom with its own bathroom and wardrobe.