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Residential complex

Type of construction project

Residential complex


Martove, Kharkiv Region, Ukraine

Land area

0.95 га

Gross building area

approx. 700м²

Project time frame

2011 – 2013

Design phases

Conceptual design, detailed design, designer’s supervision

Senior Architect

Aleksandr Saratov


Aleksandr Saratov, Aleksandr Danchenko


The residential complex is designed in the coastal strip of the Pechenizs’ke Reservoir, its green zone near the village Martove. The residential complex includes a one-story residential building, a two-story bath house, a swimming pool, a utility block with a furnace room, a kitchen and a garage; in addition, a boatshed is designed. All buildings are scattered on the territory in a pine forest on the shore of the reservoir. The composition is based on the subordination of the entire complex to the natural dominant – big water. The main rooms and terraces are open onto it.

The main entrance to the site is designed from the north side from the existing highway. At the entrance to the site, parking for cars and a block of utility rooms are designed, which consist of security rooms, utility rooms, a boiler room and a covered area for installing a diesel generator. A second technical entrance is provided from the existing highway for servicing treatment facilities and garbage removal.

To prevent coastal erosion, according to the project of a specialized organization, the shore is strengthened with gabions and sand is washed for the beach. These measures eliminate the threat of bank collapse and falling trees.