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Residential house with a swimming pool

Functional purpose Residential house with a swimming pool
Address District of Florinka village in Kharkiv region
Land plot area 0.3 hectares
Total object area Approximately 400m²
Year of design 2019
Design stages Conceptual design, working project, author’s supervision
Chief Architect Alexander Saratov
Designer Vyacheslav Nozdrachev
Architects Alexander Saratov, Alexander Danchenko

The residential house is conceived as a two-part structure: a single-story volume for a 2-car garage with utility rooms and a two-story volume for the main living space.

The main entrance is designed to face the street. The development of the interior space is oriented towards the swimming pool, which, in turn, extends the enfilade construction of the house, stringing them along a single axis parallel to the street.

On the side facing the pool, there is a terrace partially covered by a balcony. The volume of the balcony serves as a volumetric element, acting as a mediator connecting the two-story volume of the residential house with the space of the terrace around the pool.

On the first floor of the residential house, there is a foyer, kitchen, dining area combined with a bathroom, a study, and a living room. A staircase leading to the second floor is integrated into the living room space.

In the lower part of the house (utility block with the garage), there are: a boiler room, garage, utility rooms, and a storage room for the utility floor.

On the second floor, there are planned 4 bedrooms (one of them with an attached bathroom) and a shared bathroom.

The main element in the composition of the house is the swimming pool. A large terrace is organized with access from the main rooms of the house (living room, dining area, and kitchen), as well as a garden, all overlooking the pool.