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School in the village of Babai

Project Name and Functional Purpose School in Babai Village
Address Shevchenko Street, Babai Village, Kharkiv District, Kharkiv Region
Land Plot Area 0.9 hectares
Total Object Area 3319 m²
Year of Design 2015
Design Stages Concept Design, Working Project, Expertise
Chief Architect Alexander Saratov
Architects: Alexander Saratov, Alexander Danchenko

Existing school building is a single-storey structure with a courtyard facing south. In the western part of the school site, there is an unfinished building that is planned for demolition. The project involves development within the inner courtyard and an extension on the west side of a 3-storey educational building and a sports hall with changing rooms on the north side.

Around the school building, a circular driveway is planned for fire brigade access. The project includes relocating the boiler room to the western part of the site and establishing a utility yard for the dining hall. A new gas boiler room is proposed in the utility yard. Waste containers are located in the utility yard, 25 meters away from the school building. In the northern part of the site, facing Frunze Street, sports grounds for physical education classes are arranged. The site is enclosed with a fence. The main entrance to the territory is planned from Shevchenko Street. The project envisions planting shrubs and trees as well as creating lawns within the school territory.

The reconstruction of the school building is designed as a secondary educational institution of grades 5-11, with a total capacity of 300 students (two parallel classes for grades 5-9 and one parallel class for grades 10-11). The school is designed as a 1-3 storey building, with a building height up to the roof ridge of 17.925 meters. The floor height (clear height) is 3.6 meters. The main entrance is planned on the south side. The school building is divided into three fire compartments, each equipped with a minimum of two evacuation exits.

To ensure a comprehensive educational process in the school, the following facilities are provided:

– 10 universal classrooms and specialized classrooms for the general education cycle (literature, history and social studies, geography, mathematics);
– Three laboratories for natural sciences (physics, chemistry, biology);
– Computer science and information technology classroom;
– Combined workshop (metalworking, woodworking);
– Service-oriented workshop (textile processing, culinary arts);
– Sports hall;
– Cafeteria with 100 seating places, operating on raw materials and semi-finished products;
– Assembly hall with 150 seating places.