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Shopping and Entertainment Center “Metro Cash and Carry”

Project Name and Functional Purpose Shopping and Entertainment Center “Metro Cash and Carry” in Alekseyevka
Address Koltseva Street, Malodanilivska Village Council, Malaya Danilovka Urban Settlement, Dergachevsky District, Kharkiv Region
Land Plot Area 8.80 hectares
Total Object Area 15382 m²
Commercial Area 12851 m²
Year of Design 2011-2012
Design Stages Sketch Project, Project, Working Documentation, Author’s Supervision, Commissioning
Chief Architect Alexander Saratov
Designer Anatoliy Butenko
Architects Alexander Saratov, Alexey Muras

The plot is located in an area free from construction and engineering networks. To the east, it borders the territory of the firm “BINOTEX”, while to the west, it is bordered by cottage development. The main facade of the building is oriented to the south. On the southern side of the plot, there is a planned road to the “Magellan” shopping center, for which the entrances and exits from the site of the “METRO Cash and Carry” shopping and entertainment center are oriented.

According to the project, the following objects are being built:

– Shopping center building;
– Stand-alone boiler room;
– Open parking for cars for 244 spaces;
– Covered parking for cars for 110 spaces;
– Complex of platform engineering structures.

An open parking lot for customer cars is organized on the site area free from construction. Areas not used for parking and the adjacent construction site area are planned to be landscaped with lawns.

The wholesale and retail shopping center with rack storage is planned as a single-story building with dimensions of 136.5×98 meters, with a height up to the top of the parapet of 9.0 meters, and a minimum height to the bottom of the main beams of 7.8 meters. The main column grid of the building is planned as 21×14 meters, in the two-story part – 10.5×14 meters and 10.5×10 meters.

The trading areas of the shopping center are organized as a single two-light space illuminated by top lights. Smoke extraction in case of fire is also organized through lanterns in the roof. On the ground floor, there are entrance areas with restrooms for visitors, a sales area, administrative and utility rooms, and bank premises. The mezzanine floor accommodates spaces for refrigeration units, utility rooms, and cafeteria premises.

The arrival of goods trucks is planned from the side of the loading yard, the territory of which is organized 1.15 meters below the level of the first-floor store floor to provide the best conditions for loading and unloading operations. Entry and exit from the loading yard are arranged via ramps.