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Shopping and entertainment complex “Big Pocket” on Shyronintsev

Project Name and Functional Purpose Shopping and Entertainment Complex “Velika Kishenya” on Hvardiitsiv Shyronintsiv Street in Kharkiv
Address Hvardiitsiv Shyronintsiv Street, Kharkiv
Land Plot Area 0.9298 hectares
Total Object Area 16307.4 square meters
Commercial Area 12362 square meters
Year of Design 2006-2007
Design Stages and Work Conceptual design, working design, author’s supervision, commissioning
Chief Architectural Designer Alexander Saratov
Chief Designer Anatoliy Butenko, Andrey Shabanov
Architects Alexander Saratov, Dmitry Didenko, Andrey Shteyner with participation of Marina Denysenko

The project envisaged the construction of a shopping and entertainment complex – a three-story building with a basement under part of the structure. The shopping and entertainment complex includes trading halls on three above-ground floors, a technological section on the ground floor, administrative and residential premises on the second and third floors, a rooftop boiler room, and engineering and technical premises in the basement of the building.

A parking lot for 49 cars with combined entry and exit onto Gvardeytsev Shyronintsiv Street is planned on the site. On the other side, there is an entrance to a turning area used for goods delivery.

The complex area is designed as multi-level, with a difference in elevation of 2.700 meters. The main entrance is planned from Gvardeytsev Shyronintsiv Street to the terrace in front of the building, where a parking lot for 49 cars is projected. A turning area is planned from Gvardeytsev Shyronintsiv Street, with a ramp for loading goods. A platform for waste containers is designed on the turning area, located on the facade of the building without windows.

The project includes the arrangement of two playgrounds for children and a relaxation area for adults from the residential area side.

The shopping and entertainment complex includes: on the first floor – a grocery and non-food goods store, a technological section; on the second floor – a store for tenants selling non-food goods, an administrative and domestic block; on the third floor – a store for tenants selling non-food goods, an administrative and domestic block for tenants.

The sharp height difference on the planning site dictated the decision of a complex with a basement floor used for the placement of engineering premises (transformer substation, switchboard, room for installation of supply and exhaust ventilation units, water meter unit, automatic fire extinguishing pump room).