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Shopping Center “Inter-2” Barabashovo Market

Project Name and Functional Purpose Shopping Center “Inter-2” Barabashovo Market
Address on Akademika Pavlova Street in Kharkiv
Land Area 6.1121 hectares
Total Object Area 11,359 m²
Trading Area 7,515 m²
Year of Design 2015
Design Stages Sketch Project, Working Project
Chief Architect Alexander Saratov
Architects Alexander Saratov, Natalia Shabotinska, Sergey Tikhonov, Julia Zhmurko with the participation of Dmitry Didenko

The design site is located in the territory of the “Barabashovo” market and has a complex configuration, resembling two intersecting rectangles. On the site, there are single-story trade pavilions that are subject to demolition. The shopping and exhibition complex is planned to be located within the boundaries of the land plot. Landscaping of the area is envisaged in front of the main entrance to the shopping and exhibition complex on the adjacent territory to the design border. Creating a comprehensive recreation area is justified due to the immediate proximity to the subway line and the inclusion of this territory in the protected zone.

The designed shopping and exhibition complex is a 2-story building, with the second floor not covering the entire building but only above its main entrance from Akademika Pavlova Street. The configuration of the shopping center building is determined by the boundaries of the plot.

On the first floor, there will be trade facilities, a public catering establishment, household and auxiliary rooms, and a loading area. The loading zone for the food court is provided on the eastern side, situated under a pedestrian bridge leading to the main entrance.

The second floor is designed to include retail halls and showrooms (presentation and exhibition halls).

Access to the construction site is provided from Akademika Pavlova Street. Parking spaces are allocated for servicing personnel and employees of the shopping and exhibition complex. Exits are designed taking into account the current road and traffic situation, based on a clear and straightforward scheme for pedestrian and vehicular movement.

Temporary trade and exhibition complex areas are equipped with 87 car spaces.