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The Church of Cyril and Maria, the Wonderworkers of Radonezh

Functional Purpose Church of Cyril and Maria, the Wonderworkers of Radonezh
Address Yurieva Boulevard, Kharkiv
Land Plot Area 0.6 hectares
Total Object Area 721.4 m²
Year of Design 2011
Design Stages Conceptual Design, Working Design,
Chief Architect Alexander Saratov
Architects Alexander Saratov, Alexander Danchenko, Anna Berezhna

The site for the construction of the temple complex is located on residential land free from development and facing Yurieva Boulevard. The designated site for the temple complex is bounded on the north side by a football field and sports grounds of School No. 49, on the east side by the territory of the polyclinic, on the south by Yurieva Boulevard, and on the west by a school.

The composition of the temple is symbolic. The two towers of a single belfry remind us of the unity and inseparability of the holy couple, Cyril and Maria. Their mutual love is not closed in on itself but, by uniting, is directed towards God. This unity is expressed by the juxtaposition of the double-headed belfry and the central part of the temple, crowned by the main dome—the semantic center of the composition. The inviting character of the temple, created in the image of belfry towers but at the same time possessing individuality, is reminiscent of one of the growing sons of Cyril and Maria—Varfolomey, the future venerable Sergius of Radonezh. On the south side, a baptistery is attached, serving as an accent, a spatial hinge connecting the spaces of Yurieva Boulevard and the temple square. On the west, north, and south sides, the temple is surrounded by an open gallery, intended to “dissolve,” “lighten” the volume of the temple, creating an additional play of light and shadow.

The temple is designed as a four-pillar, cross-domed structure. The layout of the temple consists of three parts (altar – middle part – narthex), with a cruciform plan, featuring an attached baptistery and an open gallery. The sanctuary is located in the middle part of the temple. The bell tower is integrated and situated above the narthex, while the altar, prothesis, and diaconicon are located in attached apses. The choirs are designed on the second floor in the western part of the temple.