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The Church of the Holy Royal Martyrs at the Spas Skete.

Functional Purpose Church of the Holy Royal Martyrs at the Spas Skete
Address Village of Pervomaiske, Kharkiv Oblast
Land Area 0.28 hectares
Total Area of the Object (First Stage of Construction) 220 square meters
Year of Design 2013
Design Stages Conceptual design, working project, author’s supervision
Lead Architect Alexander Saratov
Architects Alexander Saratov, Alexander Danchenko, Alena Yukhimenko

The area designated for the construction of the temple complex is located on residential land free from development and facing Chestnut Street. The planned site for the temple complex is bordered on the northeast by the Spas Skete railway station, on the southwest by residential buildings, and on the north and south sides by railway sanitary protection zones.

The plot planned for construction is situated near civil transportation facilities (the “Spas Skete” stop of the South Railway is located 60 meters away, and the Merefa-Pavlograd highway passes nearby at a distance of 700 meters) and has existing engineering and transportation infrastructure.

The temple is designed in a cross-dome style. The structure of the temple plan is three-parted (altar – central part – narthex), with a cross-shaped plan. The sanctuary in the temple is located in the central part. The bell tower is integrated and situated above the narthex, while the altar, sacristy, and vestry are located in the eastern part of the building. Choirs are planned on the second floor in the western part of the temple.

The temple building is intended for the prayer assembly of believers and consists of three main parts: the altar, the central part, the narthex, and also includes a bell tower.