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The Temple of the Great Martyr Panteleimon in Fesky.

Functional PurposeThe Temple of the Great Martyr Panteleimon in Fesky
AddressVillage of Fesky, Kharkiv Oblast
Land Area0.2221 hectares
Total Area of the Object (first phase of construction)325.2 m²
Year of Design2020
Design StagesSketch Project, Working Project
Chief ArchitectAlexander Saratov
ArchitectsAlexander Saratov, Alexander Danchenko, Natalia Shirina with the participation of Igor Nosik

The territory for the construction of the temple complex is located in the village of Fesky on a plot of residential land free from development. The planned site for the temple complex is surrounded by streets on all sides:

– on the north side – Dachnaya Street;
– on the east side – a square with an old cemetery;
– on the south side – a local passage.

The temple is designed as a four-pillar quadrangle, covered with domes. The structure of the temple’s plan is three-part (altar – middle part – narthex), with an attached bell tower. The bell tower, attached to the north side of the temple, serves as an accent, a spatial hinge, connecting the space at the intersection of streets.

The altar, the sacristy, and the vestry are located in the attached apses. Separate exits directly to the outside are planned for the altar rooms.

The place for the memorial service is provided in the prayer hall, in its northern part, at the entrance to the vestry.

The choirs are designed in the anteroom above the entrance, in the western part of the temple. The entrance to the choirs is planned from the vestibule-narthex. A second emergency exit from the choirs is provided through a staircase located in the attached bell tower.

The central part of the temple, in accordance with Orthodox tradition, has a bulbous shape, crowned with a cross and oriented.