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Administrative and production complex

Project Name and Functional Purpose Administrative and Production Complex (reconstruction) on Velozavodska Street
Address Velozavodska Street, Kharkiv
Land Plot Area 0.8739 hectares
Total Area of the Object 4145 m²
Year of Design 2007-2008
Design Stages Sketch project, working project, author’s supervision
Chief Architect Alexander Saratov
Constructor Anatoliy Butenko
Architects Alexander Saratov, Andrey Shteyner, Maksym Bulat, Vitaliy Kichigin with the participation of Nadiya Lipinska

Reconstruction of administrative and production premises with superstructure, extension of administrative and domestic buildings, and reconstruction of existing canopy is the first stage of construction of production, warehouse premises, car refueling block post, and reconstruction of non-residential buildings and structures for production, administrative, domestic, and warehouse premises on Velozavodska Street in Kharkiv.

The floor at elevation -3.000 includes premises for relaxation, showers and toilets, water meter node, electrical switchboard, temporary storage room for fluorescent lamps. Entrances to the basement are organized from the courtyard and Velozavodska Street. The total number of evacuation exits is three. All staircases have exits directly to the outside. In the superstructure 5-story part of the building at elevation -3.000, the laying of all engineering communications and placement of all technical premises: electrical switchboard, water meter node, pumping station, are planned.

The floor at elevation 0.000 includes a passage, premises necessary for security, offices, dining rooms, and toilets. In the reconstructed part, there are production premises: aggregate department, warehouses, training class for staff, and cloakroom. The main entrance to the building is from Velozavodska Street, through the passage to the vestibule, from which corridors of the production and administrative-domestic parts of the projected building lead out. The attached 5-story part of the building has three evacuation exits and two evacuation staircases. During the adjustment of decisions regarding the reconstructed part of the building, a common vestibule is planned to be built on the ground floor before entering the existing car boxes. Car boxes are not being reconstructed. At elevation 0000 of the reconstructed part of the building, a rearrangement of existing production and domestic premises is carried out, and a separate exit directly to the outside from the production premises is planned.

The third floor is located at two elevations: 6.300 and 7.060. In the reconstructed part of the building, in axes 1-4, there are administrative and utility rooms and bathrooms. Two stairwells serve as evacuation exits for this part of the floor – near axis 1 and in axes 4-5. A staircase is designed at the elevation difference between the reconstructed part and the newly constructed 5-story section. In the newly constructed part of the building (above the garages in axes 1-2), adjustments provide for utility and service rooms, bathrooms, and ITR offices.

On the fourth and fifth floors (elevations 9.600, elevation 12.900), administrative rooms and ITR offices are planned. The fifth floor includes the organization of apartments for the CEO and deputy CEOs, security and rest areas. Two stairwells serve as evacuation exits – in axes 8-10 and 13-15.

At the roof level of the new part of the building, a boiler room is planned. It has two emergency exits: to the stairwell through the lobby and to the roof.

When implementing the project decisions for the reconstruction of existing administrative and production premises with the addition of a third floor and the construction of a 5-story addition, the creation of a multi-height, flexible modern building is planned.

In the yard of the base, a diesel power station, a fire reservoir of 60 m³, consisting of two sections, is planned.