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Float Glass Production Plant in the city of Volnogorsk, Ukraine

Functional purpose Float glass production plant in Volnogorsk in Ukraine
Address g. Volnogorsk in Ukraine
Plant productivity 1350 t/day
Land area 25.88 hectares
Total area of ​​the object 135,322 m²
Design year 2012-2013
Design stages Sketch design, Project
GAP Alexander Saratov
Technology German company “HORN”
Architects Alexander Saratov, Dmitry Didenko, Natalya Shabotinskaya, Maria Litvinenko, Svetlana Podkopai, Yulia Zhmurko,  Sergei Tikhonov, Natalya Kravchenko.

For the construction of a float glass production plant, the decisive factor is the availability of primary raw material – sand suitable for producing glass of the corresponding quality. In the city of Volnogorsk, Dnipropetrovsk region, such sands are available as by-products of the VGMC production.

The construction of the glass production plant is planned on a vacant territory. The project envisions three construction phases.

The land plot for the proposed construction is located within the city limits and administratively belongs to the city of Volnogorsk. According to the approved detailed development plan (PDP) of the region, the territory is classified as industrial.

The planting of the plant is carried out within the boundaries of three land plots with a total area of 33 hectares.

The territory of the projected plant, within the boundaries of the projected master plan, is free from construction and mainly consists of fields with a small number of green plantations (trees and shrubs).

It is planned to implement the construction of the plant complex in 3 phases:

1st construction phase – Production Line No. 1 with a capacity of 800 tons/day, warehouse for finished products, batch composition department, mixer, glass cullet warehouse, conveyors, and structures for feeding glass cullet and glass batch, power block, transformer substation 154/20kV, “big-bag” warehouse, administrative and residential building, checkpoint, incoming engineering networks and structures, railway development, including the construction of a wagon sorting zone and a railway loading building for finished products.

2nd construction phase – Warehouse for finished products, includes an area for glass tempering installation and a section for the magnetron line.

3rd construction phase – Production Line No. 2 with a capacity of 550 tons/day, Power block No. 2, Batch composition department, Glass cullet warehouse, conveyors, and structures for feeding glass cullet and glass batch, engineering structures.

Perspective – Development of railway supply routes for materials, sand enrichment plant, sand warehouses.

Hazard category of the designed plant – IV class (SZZ-100m) add.4 DSP-173, (construction industry production).

For the 1st construction phase on the site to ensure the full operation of the plant, according to the technological needs of this type of production, the following buildings and structures are planned:

Production workshop (No.1.1 according to the master plan) – located along the southern border of the site. The workshop itself houses a production line, including a glass furnace and a melting bath.

Annealing furnace building (No.2.1);

Finished product warehouse building (No.3.1) – it houses the glass cutting and packaging area, packaging material storage area, charging, washing of loading equipment, and the area for loading trucks. The warehouse occupies a significant part of the site and is oriented north towards Kirpichnaya Street. A turning platform for maneuvering trucks and entry for loading is arranged in front of the loading area.

Heat utilization installation with a smokestack (No.6.1) – located on the east side of the production workshop.

Batch composition department (No.11.1) – due to technological features, it is located near the main production and glass furnace. It produces the batch used in glass production.

Raw material warehouse in “big-bags” (primary raw material) (No.12.1) – located in the southwest corner of the site near the glass furnace and composite department, next to the 154/20kV Substation.

Glass cullet warehouse (No.10.1) – located near the annealing furnace building and the glass cutting and packaging area. It is connected by a transport gallery to the cutting area.

Batch transport gallery (No.26.1) – aboveground, with a height of at least 4.5 m above the roadway, passes from the composite department to the production workshop.

Glass cullet transport gallery (No.27.1) – aboveground, with a height of at least 4.5 m above the roadway.

Administrative and residential building (No.4.1) – located on the north side of the site in front of the loading area, attached to the finished product warehouse.

Power block (No.8.1) – including a reverse water supply station, 20kV Substation, Diesel generator unit, turbine machine room, compressor room, RP and TP rooms, backup power boiler room. The power block occupies the area between the production building of the first construction phase and the production building of the 2nd construction phase.

Platform for storing nitrogen and hydrogen, and a mixing station, consisting of a compressed air compressor station and platforms for storing nitrogen and hydrogen containers. The platform is located on the south side of the site, near the production workshop.

SO2 storage (No.28.1) – located between the production workshop and the glass cullet warehouse, on the side of the annealing furnace.

Railway loading building (No.5.1) – on the south side of the site, attached on one side to the annealing furnace building and on the other side to the finished product warehouse.

154/20kV Substation (No.15.1) – on the north side in the area of entry to the plant.

Diesel fuel storage (No.22.1) – underground. Used for backup power for the furnace in case of gas supply absence and for diesel generators in case of power failure in the production network.

Gas distribution point (GDP) (No.18.1) – located in the southeast corner of the site and has dimensions of 3×9 m.

Wastewater treatment facilities – located in the southeast corner of the site.

Checkpoint (No.20.1) – Located at the entrance and exit from the plant on Kirpichnaya Street.

Truck scales (No.21.1) – located at the entrance, near the checkpoint.

Within the transport area, according to the detailed development plan (PDP) of the region, sorting railway tracks are planned with an entrance to the railway loading building for finished products. The connection of the planned railway tracks is provided to the existing GMK railway branch. On the planned entrance branch, railway scales are provided.

In addition to the listed items in the project for the first construction phase, the construction of parking lots separately for passenger and freight vehicles is also planned in the transport areas (for the future).

The main production and technologically related auxiliary productions operate continuously.