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Mushroom production workshop

Functional purpose Mushroom production workshop
Address Zavodska Street, Novopokrovka town, Chuhuiv district, Kharkiv region
Workshop capacity 1252 kg/day
Land plot area 0.5582 ha
Total facility area 2165 m²
Design year 2017
Design stages Sketch project, working project, author’s supervision, commissioning
Chief Architect Alexander Saratov
Technology LLC “Mushroom Business”
Architects Alexander Saratov, Svetlana Podkopai, Dmitry Didenko with the participation of Stas Gribunin

On the site, there are: a reconstructed production and administrative building, including additional spaces for packing, storage, and shipping of the finished product; incubation rooms; a planned boiler house (in the eastern part of the site); and a floor storage warehouse for raw materials (in the southern part of the site). The placement of buildings and structures on the master plan ensures fire breaks.

A parking area for employees and visitors is provided near the entrance to the territory.

The following facilities are planned on the site: a reservoir for storing conditionally clean water, a reservoir for storing industrial wastewater, local treatment facilities for domestic wastewater, and an area for installing garbage containers.

A fire entrance-exit for the enterprise is provided in the southern part of the territory.

The layout of the premises and functional zoning corresponds to the technological scheme of production. The following groups of production premises are located on the existing and newly constructed areas:

At elevation 0.000:

– Substrate preparation room;
– Substrate preparation for inoculation rooms;
– Inoculation material cultivation rooms;
– Incubation rooms;
– Cultivation chambers;
– Packaging, storage, and shipment rooms for the finished product;
– Substrate cooling room;
– Laboratory;
– Residential and engineering rooms.

At elevation 4.3:

– Administrative, residential, and engineering rooms.

The building is equipped with four entrances and exits. All rooms have standard evacuation exits. Two staircases are provided for evacuation from the second-floor rooms.