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The concept of the master plan for the park area.

Type of construction projectThe concept of the master plan for the park area limited by Belgorodskoye Highway, st. Gogol and st. Gorky in the village. Lesnoye, Dergachevsky district, Kharkov region (land of Lesnaya Polyana LLC)
LocationLand of Dergachiv district, Kharkov region
Land area20 ha
Total area of objectsApproximately 65,000m²
Design year2018
Design stagesSketch design
GAPAlexander Saratov
ArchitectsAlexander Saratov, Alexey Muras, Andrey Steiner, visualization by Alexey Bulat, with the participation of Anna Yaroshok

The design area for the “Concept of the Master Plan for the Park Area Limited by Belgorodskoye Shosse, Gogolya Street, Gorkogo Street in the village of Lesnoye, Dergachevsky District, Kharkiv Region.” LLC “Lesnaya Polyana” (16 hectares).” The approximate area of the territory covered by the reconstruction is about 20 hectares.

The considered territory of the “Sun Valley” health complex of LLC is limited by:

  • from the west – Belgorodskoye Shosse;
  • from the east – lands of the forestry enterprise;
  • from the north – plots of individual land users in the village of Lesnoye;
  • from the south – the ring road (Kyivskoye Shosse).

The height difference within the design area of the driveway and temporary parking is 15 meters.

The concept includes the reconstruction of existing local roads, exits to Kyivskoye Shosse and Belgorodskoye Shosse, and the reconstruction of existing and construction of new parking lots. The concept proposes to create additional entrances and exits from the park area and organize two regulated intersections: one on Belgorodskoye Shosse and the second on Kyivskoye Shosse. The organization of pedestrian areas and exhibition sites is also proposed.

For the organization of public transport, places for passenger boarding and disembarkation are proposed. In addition, a separate area with parking and turning spaces is provided for buses. To maintain a clean solution, the flows of public transport are separated from the flows and parking areas of individual transport. A separate exit for buses onto local roads is planned, leading to a regulated intersection on Belgorodskoye Highway.

The park is divided into zones. The following functional zones are highlighted: 1. Entrance zone with a museum of religions; 2. Public area with a pedestrian square and a museum of nature; 3. Children’s area with an experimentarium and playgrounds; 4. Zone of the retro car museum; 5. Ethnopark zone; 6. Commercial zone; 7. Economic zone.

All designed zones are connected by a network of pedestrian alleys and paths, linked together by local roads.

Technical and economic indicators.

 New Construction 
 Design Area20.0 ha
 Parking Area within Roadways4.04 ha
 Sidewalk Area1.5 ha
 Number of Parking Spaces for Cars1300 spaces
 Number of Parking Spaces for Buses24 spaces